Igor Bravničar has completed both the Academy of Music and the Academy of Fine Arts, which means that he is a multifaceted artist by profession. He professes his artistic credo through painting and through the medium of music, and considering his artistic work, this interweaving of mediums is highly characteristic of his artistic creations. According to critic Goran Milovanović, in many of his oil paintings and plastic surfaces (lightboxes) one can recognise spatially unlimited meditative landscapes that have been transformed into mental spaces of seas, clouds and horizons. The artist is primarily interested in the modulation of the inner tensions of individual painting particles in relation to the whole, the gradation of each tonality and meaningful transitions into the rhythm modulating the harmony of the whole. These works can be linked to the tradition of the sublime painting, but they also have as much to do with the current issue of transparency, flares and mirror surfaces in art. These scenes, free of all everyday happenings, human dynamics and restlessness, can use their moods to magnetise and charm the viewer.