In the exhibition Membrane (Membranes), Igor Bravničar presents paintings that regulate light through the contours of the canvass, which is more or less undulating and thus causes the colors to change depending on their exposure to light.
In his works, the author combines both artistic expressions. He experiences the abstract form of art in music, which he translates into the visual world in his works. Through them he explores philosophical concepts related to the relationships between infinity, borders, horizons, and transitions.
“My Membranes are conceived as paintings that regulate light and are basically white. White gives form to the material and at the same time destroys and deconstructs it. The whiteness that has broken an image apart returns this brutality through gentle color reflections in the volutes of the canvas.” – Igor Bravničar
The Slovenian artist already began creating works of art in early childhood. His interest in fine arts expanded to music, which is why he decided to study piano after graduating from high school. After earning his bachelor’s degree, he began working as a professional painter. He made his public debut with the minor solo exhibition Narcis (Narcissus) at the Tizian gallery in Ljubljana in 1995, followed by a solo exhibition at Avditorij Portorož a year after that.