Green towns, current John D. Antone's exhibition, that is on display until 10th of november at Atelje Gallery, vitally or coincidentally connects imaginary world and the environment with its authentic artistic narration. Bronze sculptures that softly interwoven realistic patterns of nature and figuratively despicted houses represent peaceful synthesis of opposing forces – man and nature. Once in total contrast – city and environment  nowdays increasingly form, hand in hand, the image of modern cities.  Just like the cliché coldness of the city are also houses in John D. Antone's art warmly embraced by nature, which brings lightness and particularly soothing freshness. It is precisely this symbiosis, expressed in the works of the exhibited artist.

The exhibition could be connected to the name of Ljubljana – Ljubljana The European Green Capital 2016, but was created independent to this, without political or social motivation. Due to the tendency of finding a balance between the man and the nature, does neither the author nor his works object the idea of environmental progress. John D. Antone says, that he creates for the audience, his art reflects the artist himself and thereby it is constantly discovering new ways of connecting two principal motives, such as the branch of a tree and the figuratively despicted house, trying to form a soothing and strongly expressive sculptures.

We can witness the reflection that artist talks about, when the elegant and sophisticated sculptures take us for a walk through the woods, through the city, through the exhibition, all the way to the end where we step into the Green towns.