Atelje Galerija, 30. avgust – 30. september 2011
In collaboration with the Slovenian Sculpture Association, we staged the exhibition Appearances by Kristina Rutar. Kristina Rutar is active in the fields of sculpture, graphics and ceramics and won the purchase prize of the company Akrapovič at the 14th Slovenian Sculpture Exhibition. “Appearances – to Appear!” Artists appear throughout their lives, and when they do, they reside – they are. The apparent self-evidence of their appearances is, despite the fact that art is an end in itself, always subject to encounters, relationships and others. These other persons either accept or reject them, love or despise them, and therefore constantly assess or evaluate them. Their evaluation intentionally or unintentionally directs the artist's path. “Appearances” was included in this exhibition due to the relatively freshly established relationship between the young artist and her patron. The work produced by the artist through a good measure of reverence, deliberation and talent was noticed. Noticed with an enticing interest and with a convincing touch. Kristina’s Code of Hammurabi received the purchase prize of Akrapovič d.d. at last year’s 14th Slovenian Sculpture Exhibition, giving rise to further cooperation. The renowned, high-tech and recognisable excellence is now extending its hand to the young thought that might lack recognition but is nonetheless remarkable, breathtaking and stunning – Kristina Rutar makes her thoughts come alive and materialise through her hands in sensual rocks, porcelain, titanium and graphics.