Matjaž Krivic is a photographer, traveller and recipient of numerous international honours and prestigious awards: Royal Geographical Society – Photographer of the Year 2002 and 2003, Travel Photographer of the Year 2003, all London, UK. Since 2000, he has been working with the French photography agency Sipa Press and the Norwegian agency Concorde. Even though Matjaž Krivic records scenes from nature and the everyday lives of people in various locations on our planet, these are generally captured and photographed in their specific elementary circumstances, where lighting and colouring play an important part in upgrading the motif and the picturesque compositional framing. The fascinating visual diversity of the Earth’s surface, places, cities, people and customs is so varied and unique that the artist sees it in all of its magical hues and thousands of mutual combinations, just like he perceives the world. The lighting, with which he as a photographer puts the finishing touches to his photos, is unique, even though it might not draw your attention at first glance. Namely, this is a range of contrasts between light and dark, between highlights and shadows, a finesse in light transitions that progress and become more refined as in a subtle chiaroscuro. The message of Krivic’s photos is always characterised by symbolic subsenses. What we see as real, we also perceive as magical, and what appears as real in his photos is at the same time fairytale-like.