Atelje Galerija, oktober 2012
In October 2012, we held an exhibition of the works of Silvije Arc Popovič. The message is the means that allows the process or establishment of communication. Artistic message is one of the universal means that have offered systems for a potential conversation with the creatures on this planet from prehistoric times onwards. The artistic means of expression is an individual means. The specificity of the message, through personal tradition, restates its purpose. Historical knowledge, culturological aspects and archaeological discoveries confirm the reason for the visual means phenomenon, allowing them to be upgraded through the scientific approach. The reproduction or repetition of the original artistic tradition is merely the consequence of the functional approach in the dissemination thereof. The role of repetition of the original work has been known since the Renaissance, and this eclectic act is a scientific research approach used for the act of studying, to reach the idea, the study process and the process of upgrading. I define spatial installation, among other things, as a technological research process that is present in the development of artistic thought. My explanation of artistic expression is that it is the primary spiritual privilege.