2. November 2020

Igor Bravničar’s distinctive artistic language is expressed through a combination of music and painting. He experiences the abstract form of art in music, and for its visual manifestation he uses a brush and canvas to explore the philosophical concepts of infinity, horizons, and borders.

He seeks inspiration in nature – often in spatially unlimited meditative landscapes, where he blends various elements and focuses on the relationships between them. In Bravničar’s works, the viewer can trace how the artist gradates individual colour tonalities, searches for logical transitions between them, balances tones, and explores reflections, light, and shadows, which together create a harmonious whole.

The exhibition Membranes 2 showcases light, airy, and ethereal works that are based on and derive from the artist’s previous series Morja (Seas), Prehodi (Transitions), and Ambienti (Ambiences), in which he developed the idea of abstract seas, unlimited spaces, infinity, and timelessness. The Membranes series features undulating surfaces that the artist physically shaped from the canvas and applied colour to, creating ambiences that combine the past, present, and future.

2. November 2020 – 8. April 2021
Igor Bravničar