24. March 2015

The Mutations Cycle exhibition by the sculptor, graphic artist, and painter Silvije Arc Popovič was launched on 24 March 2015 and will be on view at Atelje Galerija until 24 April 2015. The paintings and sculptures displayed stem from different periods of the author’s creative life, although the Parisian period is most certainly the one that has accompanied or characterized him throughout. It is like an esprit to him, an artistic credo he is fully committed to. He is dedicated to what he does and believes in. Silvije Arc Popovič continually proceeds from the drawing and his priority is to think about matter and reality as they really are. Therefore, every material is valuable to him, including industrially manufactured products, items, objects, or merely parts thereof that he intentionally searches for or discovers at random. In addition to selecting the right materials, the process of thinking about art theory issues as well as the status, interactions, and constant change in art, nature, and society is also important to him.

Author’s thoughts on the MUTATIONS CYCLE installation


Inside is outside.

“Space, time, volume, structure, texture, matter, and mechanics are the preconditions of the language of sculpture. The gravitational constant (i.e., artistic creativity) is a studious, creative, and technologically explorative act. It is an individual means of expression. It is a gesturally and spiritually irreproducible privilege of the humanoid species. Play is the spiritus agens or driving force in a being’s maturation. It is the path to conversation, language, and visual creativity. Eros, spiritus movens, and grey are infinite values and the haptic and tactile perception provides the impulse for the visual message. The geometry of nature is indispensable information in the design of a work of art. Light, air, water, dust, X bosons, and fermions. Everything is architecture, graphic art, and impression. A trace. An object of adding, taking away, and spiritual survival.”

Silvije Arc Popovič

24. March 2015
Slivije Arc Popovič