30. August 2011

In cooperation with the Slovenian Sculpture Association, the gallery staged the exhibition Appearances (Pojavnice) by the artist Kristina Rutar, who specializes in sculpture, graphic art, and ceramics.

”Appearances” – to appear!

Artists keep appearing throughout their lives and by appearing, they exist and are. Despite the fact that art serves its own purpose, the seeming self-evidence of their appearance continues to be conditioned by meeting and forging relationships with others. Others either accept or reject, love or despise them and hence constantly judge and evaluate them. Their evaluation may, willingly or unwillingly, become the factor directing the artist’s path.
In this exhibition, ”appearances” reflect the fairly recently established relationship between the young artist and her patron. The work that the artist creates with ample respect, premeditation, and talent has been noticed and has attracted attention and interest. At the 14th Slovenian Sculpture Exhibition in 2010, Kristina’s Hammurabi’s Code received the Akrapovič d.d. purchase award, which provided the basis for further cooperation.
Hence, the renowned, technologically refined, and high-profile excellence now goes hand in hand with a young, yet not well known, but nonetheless exceptional, breath-taking, and soul-stirring thought. The thought of Kristina Rutar, which through her hands appears and manifests itself in the form of sensual stoneware, porcelain, titanium, and prints.

30. August – 30. September 2011
Kristina Rutar