4. June 2020

Transubstantiation is the complete transformation of one type of substance into a material form of different structures. Just as in the Christian rite bread and wine are transformed into the body and blood of Christ, or as in alchemy lead is transformed into gold, so in the creative process of photographer and artist Marko Modic mimetic depictions of real-world fragments merge with others to form new semantic structures within various semantic levels.

The exhibition Transubstantiation was created as a refined curatorial selection of the artist’s extensive opus of photographs spanning several decades. The common denominator of the showcased works is the fusion of natural structures of the inanimate world with manmade images created in various artistic periods. They remind the viewer of the inseparable, symbiotic relationship between the elements, whose connected omnipresence shapes a tangible rhizomatic structure of the perceivable world, which is a precondition for the development and expressiveness of a work of art. Each work carries numerous interpretive possibilities, because the creator of the visual message does not wish to convey it clearly and unambiguously. Such a message would be contrary to the multiplicity of realities, and so the final explanation is left to the viewers themselves, whereby the artist only provides the following brief thought:

“Don’t plough Olympus with a dismounted eel. 12 x 12 = 851.7”

4. June – 4. July 2020